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Building a Strip Canoe (ISBN: 0899333494 )
Gilpatrick, Gil
Book Description: Delorme Mapping Company, Maine, USA, 2002. Oversized Paperback. . This book features plans and patterns for eight well proven designs, most of which are the author's own adaptations. Step-by-step directions are accompanied by more than 100 photographs, plus illustrations. 128 pages

The Modern Canoe: A Practical Guide to Woodstrip/Resin Construction (ISBN: 0385254636)
Pellerin, Stephen; Bissland, Ted
Book Description: Doubleday Canada, Limited, Toronto, ON, Canada, 1994. Soft Cover. 8 x 10 in. (20cm x 25cm). x, 147 pages. Profusely illustrated with photos and diagrams.  Includes scale plans for 6 different canoe designs, a step by step guide to the woodstrip and resin method of construction, practical information on materials and tools, advice on maintenance and repair, as well as a chapter on the history of cedarstrip boatbuilding


Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building (ISBN: 0764305379
Van Leuven, Susan
Book Description: Schiffer Pub Ltd, Atglen, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1998. Hard Cover. Now anyone can make their own, custom-built canoe guaranteed to draw raves on land and water alike. The Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building is a comprehensive, detailed guide to the process of constructing a high-quality wood strip canoe, written especially for the novice boat builder. Sheathed strip boat construction is becoming increasingly popular among both amateur and professional builders. This is a method of producing a light weight, strong, beautiful boat of the sleekest design using materials, tools, and techniques available to the recreational builder. This book offers complete coverage of the procedures and techniques of mold set-up, assembly of the wood strip hull, epoxy resin, and fiberglass application, finishing, and more. All phases of construction are extensively illustrated with colour photos and line drawings. For each stage of the building process, a range of alternative methods is presented, enabling the builder to select those which will yield a craft customized to his or her own needs. Source lists for canoe plans, building materials, and tools are included. This book is dedicated to helping the backyard boat builder achieve professional quality results in creating a fine canoe to use and be proud of for years.

The Strip Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build (ISBN: 9780070579897)
Book Description: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe, United Kingdom, 1997. Paperback. Strip-building - assembling a pile of thin wood strips into a functional hull - has been a popular canoe-building method for many years. Now, boatbuilder Nick Schade, an engineer by training and a self-professed sea kayaking addict, has refined this time-tested method to build the more complex shapes of sea kayaks. The method is simple, forgiving, allows a liberal amount of design flexibility, and requires a minimum number of tools. It's also relatively inexpensive: about $500 to $600 for one of the designs discussed here - one-quarter the price of a factory-built model. In The Strip-Built Sea Kayak, Schade presents full plans for three elegant designs inspired by the grace and seaworthiness of the Inuit and Aleut skin boats. Profusely illustrated instructions provide the details that will guide you through the process. A complete novice will be able to construct a finished kayak after reading nothing but this book. And for an experienced builder, the techniques here can be expanded to create the perfect boat for you. Strip-building is the most flexible, forgiving, and attractive way to build a small wood boat.


The Canoe Shop: Three Elegant Wooden Canoes Anyone Can Build (ISBN: 9780071372275)
Chris Kulczycki
Book Description: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe, United States, 2001. Paperback. 236 x 188 mm.  The Canoe Shop arms you with complete plans and step-by-step instructions for building three graceful and rugged touring canoes, including a 12-foot double-paddle canoe, a 14-foot solo, and a 16-foot tandem. You needn't be an experienced boat builder to get the most out of this book. All that's required are a few common tools and the most basic woodworking skills. The secret is Chris Kulczycki's original LapStitch approach, which combines traditional lapstrake boatbuilding with the simplicity and ease of modern stitch-and-glue construction. With the help of 170 photos and illustrations, Chris walks you through the entire process for all three designs - from reading the plans to painting or varnishing your new canoe. Recommended reading for anyone contemplating going paddling in a kayak of their own creation. - Sea Kayaker. This is a very useful book, clearly written, well illustrated, fully explanatory. You will be sold on building your own wood kayak. - Atlantic Coastal Kayaker


Forty Wooden Boats: A Third Catalog of Building Plans (ISBN: 0937822329)
Wooden Boat Magazine
Book Description: Wooden Boat Publications, 1995. Paperback. 209mm x 6mm x 278mm. These are newest designs added to Wooden Boat's collection since the publication of fifty Wooden Boats and Thirty Wooden Boats. These popular books contain details usually found with study plans; hull dimensions, displacement, sail area, construction methods and the degree of boatbuilding skill needed to complete each project. Some of the 40 designs include L. Francis Herreshoff's Rozinante, Brewer's Mystic Sharpie, 5 kayaks built using a variety of methods (including a double kayak), a canoe, 2 peapods, a catamaran, day sailors, a single and double rowing shell, skiffs, mahogany runabouts, and many more. 96 pages.


Building the Weekend Skiff (ISBN: 1888671106)
Butz, Richard; Montague, John
Book Description: Tiller Publishing, 1997. Large Softcover.  Montague, John (illustrator). Ink owner information on title page. 80 pp. "Building the Weekend Skiff offers detailed plans and instructions for building a simple boat at low cost with easily obtainable materials and basic hand tools. The Weekend Skiff is fifteen feet in length, can hold two adults or several children, and is adaptable for oars, sail or a small outboard engine. This is a fun way to spend a weekend and get an excellent small boat easily and inexpensively. The Weekend Skiff is designed for two adults or several children and can be adapted to sail or small outboard. It is a great family project, ideal for introductory boat building courses and for community and school-based boat building experiences. Inexpensive to build, using common tools, - several sheets of marine plywood and a few pieces of dimensional lumber, The Weekend Skiff can give anyone access to boat building and a boat. It can be finished with a variety of coatings, suited to your taste and budget. Richard Butz and John Montague are founders, with William Bartoo, of the Watercraft Studies Program at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York. Beginning with the building of a single kayak in a survey course in wood design, the program has grown to include an academic minor, research in historic craft indigenous to the eastern Great Lakes and ever-expanding community and public school boatbuilding projects. Richard Butz, a potter and administrator, is currently working on several Adirondack guideboats and administers watercraft studies activities. John Montague, a design historian, is building a Caledonia yawl boat and is primarily responsible for the historic research and archival activities of the program. With their colleague, William Bartoo, they created the popular book, Building the Six-Hour Canoe. All three are faculty and teach boatbuilding courses, lecture outside the - college, conduct workshops in boatbuilding and consult on community and public school partnerships.


Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes: Modern Construction Methods for Three Fast, Beautiful Boats (ISBN: 9780071487917)
Gary Dierking
Book Description: International Marine Publishing Co, United States, 2007. Paperback.  276 x 215 mm. Build the fastest, most exotic sailboats around! Popular in Hawaii and throughout the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, outrigger canoes combine the romance of the South Seas with a ruthless efficiency of design and breathtaking sailing performance. This is the first book to present complete plans and building instructions for three outrigger sailing canoes. Based on traditional Hawaiian and Micronesian types, the designs are lightweight, easy to build, and screamingly fast. Author Gary Dierking shows you how to build these boats using stitch-and-glue and strip-planking construction, explains what tools and materials are required, how to rig and equip the boats, and more.



Canadian Canoe (ISBN: 0888392435)
Gardner, H. R. (Russ)
Book Description: Hancock House, Blaine WA, 1994. Paperback.  5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ". Detailed instruction of different canoe designs, paddling techniques, methods of transporting, portaging.87 pages.



Canoe Paddles: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own (ISBN: 9781552095256)
Graham Warren, David Gidmark
Book Description: Firefly Books Ltd, Canada, 2001. Paperback. 280 x 215 mm. Canoeists are increasingly discovering the deep satisfaction in creating their own equipment rather than adapting to the generic standards of boats and paddles available through retailers. For the how-to beginner, a paddle represents the perfect challenge - both finite and functional. For the skilled woodworker, the opportunity to experiment with design and technique to create custom-made articles is a dream challenge. 1 Diversity: Evolution of the canoe paddle; 2 Design: Inner Workings of the canoe paddle; 3 Woods and Adhesives: A Guide to Materials; 4 Tools: Selecting your Level of Technology; 5 Paddle making Basics 6 Adding Power; 7 Double Blade Paddles; 8 Oil and Varnishes; 9 Care and repair; 10 Origins Native Traditions; 11 Paddle Plans; 12 Glossary/Resources; Hand-made canoe and paddle building is a craft at an all-time high at the moment.


The Wood and Canvas Canoe A Complete Guide to its History, Construction, Restoration and Maintenance. (ISBN: 0884480461)
Stelmok, Jerry and Thurlow, Rollin.


Building the Six-Hour Canoe. (ISBN: 0961039671)
Butz, Richard (text by) & O'Brien, Mike (designed by).
Book Description: Tiller Publishing, St. Michaels MD, 1998. Paperback. 65pp, completely illustrated w/ photos and drawings, lines plans drawings, pictorial stiff wraps, 4to. Illustrations by John Montague and lines plans by William Bartoo.



This Is Canoeing (ISBN: 095921920X / 0-9592192-0-X)
Farrance Jane; Farrance Roy
Book Description: Victorian Canoe Centre Pty Ltd, Kew, 1982. Pictorial Soft Cover. 205 pages. Book is in general good condition. This book has been written to give practical knowledge about the design, construction and choices available in both kayak and Canadian canoes and their accessories. It then goes on to teach the basic techniques for both type of craft. These basic techniques are very important because they are the foundation of your canoe skill, if they are weak or defective it will inhibit your future development



Canoeing Complete
Skilling, Brian (ed.) assisted by Sutcliffe, David, foreword by Hoare, Rear Admiral Desmond
Book Description: Nicholas Kaye London, 1968. Hardcover. 36 line drawings and 32 b&w photos. Every aspect of canoeing is covered from the beginner to the would-be Olympian, with a progressive approach. Subjects covered: canoe design, basic technique, inland touring, coastal touring, surfing and the Eskimo Roll, slalom and white water racing, racing: sprint and long distance, safety in canoeing, canoe building, fun and games in your canoe


Canoecraft (ISBN: 1552093425)
Moores, Ted and Mohr, Merilyn
Book Description: Firefly Books, Limited, Buffalo, NY, U.S.A., 2000. Paperback.208pp., index, 2000.

 Known as the bible of canoe building.



Cedar Strip Builder's Manual.
Kayll, David (introduction) et al.
Book Description: Joseph Thompson & Co., Sunderland. Orig.-Spiralheftung.


CANOE AND BOAT BUILDING -- A Complete Manual for Amateurs -- Containing Plain and Comprehensive Directions for the Construction of Canoes, Rowing and Sailing Boats and Hunting Craft
W. P. (William Picard) Stephens
Book Description: Field and Stream Publishing Co, 1887. Hard Cover.Gold front cover decorations and lettering are clear, on reddish cloth boards with picture of boat framing. 189 pages, indexed. William Picard Stephens, the "Grand Old Man of Yachting" but more interested in boats than ships, founded his own canoe and small-craft boatbuilding shop in 1880. He was one of the founders of the American Canoe Association, won the first race at the inaugural ACA regatta at Lake George in his own sailing and paddling canoe Jersey Blue, and later, in 1895, a boat to his design, the 15 foot-waterline Ethelwynn, defeated the Spruce IV, from England, in the first challenge for the Seawanhaka Cup. Stephens then became the "Forest & Stream" canoeing editor. This book contains all of his considerable knowledge of canoe and small boat-building, including his own "Jersey Blue" canoe. Chapters include: Designing; Model Making; Laying Dows; Method Building; Tools & Materials; Building; Wells; Aprons; Paddles; Sails & rigging; Centerboars; Rudders; Tabernacles; Tents & Beds; Stoves & Lamps; Canvas Canoes; Boat Building; PLUS -- the addition of up-to-the-moment chapters, not noted in the Table of Contents: Flat-Bottomed Boats and New Canoes of 1885. Book originally came with 24 plates, no longer extant -- BUT a 30 page section of the book describes the plates, often giving precise details of halfbreadths, etc or referring the reader to a section within the book where the building methods for the boat featured in the plate are described. In addition, the book itself contains about 28 plates & figures, often with three or more drawings per plate.


10 Wooden Boats You Can Build (ISBN: 9780937822340)
series editor, Peter H. Spectre
Book Description: 1995, Soft cover. PB. 8 1/2 x 11.  Ten articles from past issues of Wooden Boat Magazine examining a variety of designs and construction techniques. Included are a Herreshoff daysailer, a stitch & glue kayak, a Norwegian pram, a strip-built, double paddle canoe, a lapstrake, plywood runabout, and four more instructive projects. 210 pp.



Canoes and Kayaks for the Backyard Builder (ISBN: 0877422427 )
Snaith, Skip
Book Description: International Marine, Camden, Maine, U. S. A., 1989. Softcover. 186 pp. Photos. Diagrams. Complete plans for building an 11 foot solo canoe and a 16 foot kayak, with step by step instructions and guidelines for these tack-and-tape boats



The Canoe Shop: Three Elegant Wooden Canoes Anyone Can Build (ISBN: 007137227X )
Kulczycki, Chris




Basic Essentials Canoe Paddling (ISBN: 9780762706624)
Roberts, Harry;Salins, Steve




Canoe Paddling (ISBN: 9780762742844) Roberts, Harry




Tip a Canoe (ISBN: 0373264127 )Abresch, Peter




Bark, Skin & Cedar: Exploring the Canoe in the Canadian Experience (ISBN: 0002557304 )Raffan, James




The Survival of the Bark Canoe (ISBN: 0374516936)
John McPhee



Solo Canoeing: A Guide to the Fundamentals, Equipment, and Techniques for Running Rivers Solo in an Open Canoe (ISBN: 0811722813 )
John Foshee



Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers (ISBN: 0897322029)
American Canoe Association



The Basic Essentials of Canoe Paddling (ISBN: 0934802688)
Harry Roberts



The Canoe Handbook: Techniques for Mastering the Sport of Canoeing (ISBN: 0811730328 )
Ray, Slim



Canoe Racing: The Competitor's Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing (ISBN: 0937921521)
Heed, Peter;Mansfield, Dick



Canoe Tripping With Children: Unique Advice to Keeping Kids Comfortable (ISBN: 0934802602)
Harrison, Judy;Harrison, David




The Canoe: An Illustrated History (ISBN: 9780881505030)
Jim Poling



Basic Illustrated Canoe Paddling (Basic Illustrated)  (ISBN: 0762747587
Harry Roberts



The Canoe Its Selection Care and Use   Pinkerton, Robert E.
Book Description: Outing Publishing. Cloth. Green cloth flexible boards with black lettering and design. Has 8 b/w illustrations

Building the Wood Strip Canoe.   Bolesky, Stephen A.

This Is Canoeing. (ISBN: 9780959219203)
Book Description: Kew Victoria. Victorian Canoe Centre., 1982., 1982. Med 8vo. (205pp). Plates: Fully Illust Throughout WithB/W Photo's & Line Drawings. Orig Stiff Coloured Illust Wrappers. . Written To Give Practical Knowledge About The Design, Construction And Choices Available In Both Kayak And Canadian Canoes And Their Accessories

How To Design Canoes Including Canoe Design Study  Willis, Melvin D C

Building the Maine Guide Canoe (ISBN: 087742120xStelmok, Jerry

A Complete Guide to Canoeing Basic Technique, Eskimo Roll, Surf Canoeing, Inland & Coastal Touring, Slalom, Racing, Safety, Canoe Design * Building Brian SKILLING

Canoe Design and Construction (ISBN: 0720708621 ) Byde, Alan W.

CANOEING COMPLETE. Skilling, Brian, editor, and David Sutcliffe.

Canoe Design and Construction (ISBN: 9780720708622) Alan Byde

Building the Wood-Strip Canoe: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-100 (ISBN: 0882665383) S. Bolesky

A. M. C. white water Handbook for canoe and Kayak John T Urban

You, Too, Can Canoe: The Complete Book of River Canoeing (ISBN: 0873971167 )J. H. Foshee

The Open Canoe (ISBN: 0316747688) Bill Riviere

Canoes & kayaks: A complete buyer's guide (ISBN: 0809276917) Jack Brosius

Building and repairing canoes and kayaks (ISBN: 0809276658Jack Brosius

Canoe Trails Directory (ISBN: 0385124287) Makens, James C.

The digest book of canoes, kayaks, & rafts (ISBN: 0695807196) Charles J Farmer

Canoeing Handbook (ISBN: 0900082046 ) Ray Rowe

The Complete Book of Canoeing and Kayaking (ISBN: 0713407611) Richards, Gordon; Wade, Paul; Dear, Ian

Thirty Wooden Boats. A Second Catalog of Building Plans   WoodenBoat Magazine Editors.  
Book Description: WoodenBoat, Brooklyn ME, 1988. Paperback. 78pp, fully illustrated with plans, drawings. Canoes, sailing and pulling boats, day sailors, powerboats, cruising boats from designs by Joel White, Iain Oughtred, Robert Steward, William Garden, Phil Bolger, Charles Wittholz and others.

Canoeing Complete (ISBN: 0718209389) Brian Skilling (Editor)
Book Description: Kaye and Ward, 1973. Cloth Blue. 8vo-over 7¾"-9¾" tall. Canoeing Complete: Canoeing is one of the fastest growing sports, and this upsurge of interest has brought new developments of paddling technique and canoe design and construction. The editor of this book has gathered together a team of experts and asked them to write about their speciality. The book is completely revised and updated and as a result one of the most authoritative books published on the sport, 236 pages incl. index. Fully illustrated through out with black and white photographs and line drawings, with a foreword by John Dudderidge. Blue cloth covered boards with gilt lettering to spine.

How to Design Canoes - Including Canoe design Study Plans
Willis, Melvin D. C. (Melvin Willis illustrator)
Book Description: Willis Entreprises, Freeport, Maine, 1973. Heavy Paper Wrappers. Willis, Melvin (illustrator). 8.5 x 11 Inches. 40 pages;  includes fold out design drawings for seven canoes;  Monography

THIS IS CANOEING, (ISBN: 9780959219203)
Jane Farrance and Roy Farrance
Book Description: Victorian Canoe Centre, Kew, Melbourne 1982. large format softcover, 7¼" x 10" This book gives practical information about the design, construction and choices available in both kayak and Canadian canoes and their accessories - and teaches the basic techniques for both type of craft. After mastering these basic skills - and even the eskimo roll - this book goes further by explaining how read rivers, and how to handle whitewater in a canoe. Further, there is a section on all the different  varieties of canoe sport, from Polo to Sprint, from Surfing to Slalom