Cedar strips at reasonable prices.  Either square edged or cove and bead edged strips can be supplied.

Our strips have been used to produce some of the most durable, lightest and most beautiful boats built.

 Designs such as the Wee Lassie and Prospector canoes or the Cosine Wherry rowing skiff are outstanding examples of their type but many other fine designs are waiting to be built.

 Given time and first class materials you can build a boat which will be a thing of beauty and a joy to use.



 We can supply all sections of cedar but in this country the most popular size used for small/medium boats or canoes is 3/4x1/4.  The timber should be kiln dried and of a clear grade i.e. with few knots.

 We can supply cedar strips cheaper than anyone because we are a small family firms established 22 years with low overheads.

 No plush offices, salesmen or vast premises to be paid for. 

No VAT on all our products!


For all your Cedar Strip call

'Fourposters' London Road Hurst Green East Sussex. TN19-7PN

01580 860252  / info@cedar-strip.co.uk


The images below show two boats built with our timber

They were built by Bill Martin and his daughter Jenny.
Our thanks to them
for sending these excellent photos.

cedar strip detail

We also would like to thank Dustin Davis of Cabinfeveradventures.com for use of his canoe scenes.

His photographic skills far surpass our own.