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Ranger 15

A pocket-sized Prospector

• Length 15'
• Maximum beam 35.2"
• Beam waterline 33.72"
• Beam gunnel 33.5"
• Bow height 22"
• Centre depth 13.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 375 lbs
• Wetted surface 26.8 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 132 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.550
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs
• Keel-less or shoe keel

The Prospector models built by the Chestnut Canoe Company were made in lengths from 12 to 18 ft. filling a need for a canoe with greater carrying capacity than the Pleasure and Cruiser models but not as large as the Freight canoes.

The 15' Ranger has the same end shape and highly rockered hull of the 16' Prospector. With a flattened shallow arch bottom and full ends, the Ranger is stable, strong and a good load carrier. If you are looking for a canoe in the fifteen foot range with some history and good all round paddling characteristics, this could be the one you are looking for.

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Photo of Ranger 15 Canoe

Redbird 17/6

A fast light day tripper

• Length 17' 7.5"
• Maximum beam 33.5"
• Beam waterline 33.6"
• Beam gunnel 32.25"
• Bow height 21.25"
• Centre Depth 12"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 370 lbs.
• Wetted surface 27.0 sq. ft.
• Weight to immerse 128 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.496
• Weight 50 to 60 lbs.
• Keel-less or shoe keel

This Bear Mountain design is an efficient wilderness canoe, and seasoned paddlers find it performs well in most conditions. Its keeless shallow-arch hull with moderate rocker combines with a long waterline and fine entry to make it a fast responsive boat. The bow and stern profile are reminiscent of the Long Nose Ojibwa Rice Harvesting canoe. The sides have a moderate tumblehome for lateral strength and to allow outwales wide enough to turn aside waves and spray.

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Photo of Redbird 17/6 Canoe

Freedom 17

A modern efficient tripping canoe

• Length 17'
• Maximum beam 33.4"
• Beam waterline 31.75"
• Beam gunnel 32.5"
• Bow height 19.25"
• Centre depth 13.25"
• Draft 4.25"
• Displacement 420 lbs.
• Wetted surface 30.15 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 143.8 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.567
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs

The Freedom 17 features an asymmetrical hull with a slim bow, a maximum beam just aft of the middle and filled out stern sections to reduce the resistance. The gently rockered profile lets the boat turn with ease. Because of the slight tumblehome this canoe is a wonderful solo boat, but most of the time it can be found heading off on canoe trips with two avid canoeists on board. A fast responsive tripping canoe that's also easy to build.

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Photo of Freedom 17 Canoe

Nomad 17

A traditional tripping canoe

• Length 17'
• Maximum beam 35"
• Beam w/l 32.6"
• Beam gunnel 34"
• Bow height 25"
• Centre Depth 14.5"
• Draft 4.5"
• Displacement 416 lbs.
• Wetted surface 28.6 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 137 lb/in
• Mom to trim 1180 in-lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.532
• Weight 55 to 65 lbs

Recognizing the popularity of the classic 16' Chestnut Prospector 'Fort', Canadian Canoes commissioned Ted Moores to design a 17' tripping canoe which would be a kindred spirit to the 'Fort'. The mid section and profile are similar to a 16' Prospector but with much of the hollow in the water lines removed. This adds some volume and stability to the hull below the water line and makes a very easy shape to plank in cedar strip construction.

The Nomad is long, sleek, easy to plank and easier to paddle.

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Photo of Nomad 17 Canoe

Huron Cruiser 15/9

Traditional yet sleek

• Length 15'9"
• Maximum beam 32.5"
• Beam waterline 30.25"
• Beam gunnel 31"
• Bow height 22"
• Centre Depth 13.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 335 lbs.
• Wetted surface 25.5 sq.ft.
• Weight to immerse 121 lb/in.
• Prismatic coefficient 0.543
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs.

The lines for this canoe were taken from an original 'Huron' built in cedar/canvas by the Peterborough Canoe Company. It was a second grade model in a series of Cruiser canoes that measured from 16' x 33" to 18' x 37". "They have good carrying capacity while retaining a light draft, and are an easy paddling craft that can be handled well in rough or swift waters. The gunwale line is straighter in these models and is lowered at bow and stem, thus offering less wind resistance. "The rounded bottom shape may reduce carrying capacity but the paddler may expect a quick and responsive craft." (from the 1929 Peterborough Canoe Co. catalogue).

Two types of optional keels were offered; the shoe keel (1/2" thick x 1 3/4" wide) for added protection or a lake keel (7/8" thick x 3/4" wide tapered to 3/8") for a small increase in directional stability.

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Photo of Huron Cruiser 15/9 Canoe

Canadian 16

The boat your father loved

• Length 16'
• Maximum beam 31.5"
• Beam waterline 30.3"
• Beam gunnel 30"
• Bow height 22"
• Centre depth 12.5"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 350 lbs
• Wetted surface 25.2 S.F.
• Weight to immerse 94 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.525
• Weight 45 to 55 lbs

A 'Peterborough' canoe often referred to any open canoe, but this design comes from the company that made the town's name famous around the world. A direct descendant of the first "planked dugout" created by John Stephenson 140 years ago, it is thought to be the 'Canadien' model built in the original cedar strip technique. It's narrow beam and shallow arch hull make it ideal for general-purpose paddling and light tripping. Keeled, with a slightly rockered keel-line, it is responsive and easy to paddle. This favourite of the lake district has justifiably been dubbed 'the cottager's canoe'.

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Photo of Canadian 16 Canoe

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